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"Symplify your life..."

"Chausse-Tout" is a product which is ultra-practical making it easy to enter your home without taking off your boots or shoes.

Instead of undoing your boots to enter your home for just a few minutes, it's much easier to slip on "Chausse-Tout" to save time while protecting your floors and carpets.

They are very soft but very strong! The soles are non-skid therefore there are no worries of slipping on any surface.

"Chausse-Tout" are made in all sizes such as Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large and come in grey, navy or black.

We can also make custom orders to suit all your needs in a variety of colors and fabrics based on your personal requirements (minimum quantities.) Contact your local retailer.

Therefore for the home, business, the boat, the RV...nothing is better than "Chausse-Tout"!


• Absorbant 14 oz Polar fabric

• Evaporates for easy drying

• Stays fixed on footwear for better freedom of movement

• Non-skid vinyl sole for a secure footing

• Can be used with any kind of shoe or boot

• Machine washable and dryer compatible

• Lightweight and can be folded in your pocket


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